Oil & Gas Sector

PT Permata Selaras Mandiri :

PT Permata Selaras Mandiri is a leading rig company, mud logging services, land transport, heavy equipment and drilling tools rental. Aiming to be  important partner in making oil and gas and geothermal available in a safe and cost effective manner.

The company operates a versatile fleet of rigs; mud logging services and various haeavy equipment rental and supplies for operations in Indonesia areas in remote, harsh environment and beningn environment.

Our services are also supported with 55.000 sqm area in Balaraja, Banten, covering warehouse, workshop, and living quarters.

Website : www.psmjakarta.com

PT Pandu Wira Sejahtera

PT Pandu Wira Sejahtera concentrated on trading business activities for oil and gas equipment and tools.

The trading scopes include selling and importing land rigs and associated equipment, spare parts, water pumps, sicklines, sling tools, etc.

PT Stanley Trans Mandiri

PT Stanley Trans Mandiri is  a heavy equipment and transport division. Company which has excellent collaboration with national and foreign companies in providing a provision of heavy equipment and transport for drilling, oil, and gas, and geothermal activities in Indonesia.

Our services include heavy equipment rental, bored pile foundation, driven piles, pile jacking, loading test, vertical drain, heavy lift, etc.


PT Harfermindo

PT Harfermindo is a sole representative of tubular manufacturer from Tainjin Tiangang Special Petrollium Pipe Manufacture Co.Ltd. (TTSPPM), Tainjin, People Republic of China.

The principal has many years experiences in providing a provision of tubular supply in various sizes for many oil companies  such as Petro China, ONGC India, Elnusa Pertamina and has been certified by America Petroleum Institute (API), License No. 5CT-0623. Besides, TTSPM has been qualified to ISO9001:2000 and certified in Management System CNAS-CO22Q.



NuEnergy Capital Ltd is an Australian-based company with coal bed methane investment in Indonesia. Its head office located in Melbourne and has listed on Australian Stock Exchange (code NGY) and Frankfurt, Germany, market (code : NUB).

Harun Abidin , the founder and shareholder of NuEnergy is also CEO of Trisula CBM energy, that has owned production sharing contract with NuEnergy Capital Ltd in South Sumatra.

Website : www.nuenergycorp.net